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Schitt’s Creek is kind of phenomenon. It started without much buzz but with time it became one of the best TV Shows in recent years. It is witty, funny and important for todays culture. And it has millions of fans across the globe, so we want to give all of them a challenge. 25 questions from all of the seasons so it should be a proper test for most of the fans, especially cause it was a while since the show has ended. Will you be able to ace Schitt’s Creek Quiz Trivia Test? Test yourself by clicking the image below or the button that says “click here to start quiz”.

25 Questions Schitt's Creek Quiz

25 Questions Schitt’s Creek Knowledge Quiz

I did not expect much when I first started watching Schitt’s Creek, but I am sure glad that I started. Amazing show that really came out of nowhere. I, like millions across the world, fell in love with it and wanted to do something extra for all of the fans. This is how this Schitt’s Creek quiz came to life. It features 25 questions from all of the seasons of Schitts Creek.

There is a good mix of questions that are somewhat easy and people who only watched it once should be able to answer them correctly and questions that might be tricky even for the biggest of fans (or I am wrong – if this is not a challenge enough – comment below). You can surely call yourself an expert if you manage to get the perfect result in this Schitt’s Creek Trivia Test.

I hope that you will enjoy this test, and if you do – be sure to share it on social media, reddit and other platforms. It helps us a ton and allows our community to grow bigger. We are also open to any suggestions about the website and quizzes. If you would like to create a quiz on our platform, hit us up in the comments!

So do you have what it takes to get all of the answers right in this 25 Questions Schitt’s Creek Knowledge Quiz? Test yourself and find out! Good luck and have fun!

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ABOUT Schitt’s Creek:

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian sitcom that premiered on CBC Television in 2015. It was created by Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, who also star as parents Johnny and Moira Rose. The show follows the Roses after they are forced to leave their life of luxury in New York City, where they have lived for decades, and move to Schitt’s Creek: a small town they bought as a joke years ago.

It was picked up by Netflix in 2017 and became an instant hit with American audiences when it debuted internationally on the streaming service later that year.


  • Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose
  • Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose
  • Daniel Levy as David Rose
  • Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose
  • Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt

Schitt’s Creek Nominations and Awards

The show has been nominated for awards and won multiple Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Comedy Series in 2016 and 2017. It also won the People’s Choice Award for Best TV Comedy in 2018.

In addition to its international acclaim, Schitt’s Creek has amassed a large following of fans across North America as well as in several other countries around the world.

Schitt’s Creek on Netflix

Netflix picked up the show in 2017, which was great. The streaming service is now one of the largest and most successful in the world—it has over 100 million subscribers and is available in almost every country on Earth. The fourth season was released on Netflix in January 2019!

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian comedy-drama series that centers around the Rose family, who are formerly wealthy but lose all of their money. The show takes place in Schitt’s Creek, a small town they bought as a joke for their son David. The Roses must now live in this town as they try to figure out how to get back on top financially.

The show has been critically acclaimed and won multiple awards including Best Comedy at the International Emmy Awards and Best Comedy Series at the Canadian Screen Awards. Fans love it because it has everything from slapstick humor to heartwarming moments along with some really funny characters like Alexis Meade (Debbie Egan Smith), who is hilarious but also provides some moral support when needed!

If you’re looking for a new show to watch, Schitt’s Creek is definitely one to consider. It has been critically acclaimed and won multiple awards. The show centers around the wealthy Rose family who loses their fortune and has to move to a small town named Schitt’s Creek that they bought for their son David as a joke.

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