Superstore Knowledge Quiz Trivia Test

Superstore is a super funny and intelligent TV Shows that also tries to teach you things. We fell in love with it (we pretend that the final season never happened). To celebrate this amazing show, we prepared a 25 questions Superstore TV Show Quiz Trivia Test. It features questions from all of the seasons and many of them should be quite hard to get right if you are not a dedicated fan of the show. If you want to test yourself, click the image below or the banner that says “click here to start quiz”.

25 Questions Superstore Knowledge Quiz

25 Questions Superstore Knowledge Quiz

NBC is known for amazing comedy shows. Maybe too often they do not give a creator a chance to run the show too long so we are left hanging with a product that could’ve been classic but sometimes they do and Superstore is one of that shows. It came out of blue and become one of the most popular comedy shows airing at that time that is still very popular thanks to Netflix.

We prepared 25 pretty hard questions from the six seasons of Superstore and we dare you to try to ace them. It will not be an easy thing to do and if you are just a casual watcher when it comes to the show, you have no chance to obtain a decent score! We hope that the difficulty level will be high enough even for the biggest fans of the show. Try this quiz and test if you can ace our NBC Superstore Quiz Trivia Test.

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So do you have what it takes to get all of the answers right in this Netlix Superstore Knowledge Quiz? Test yourself and find out! Good luck and have fun!

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ABOUT Superstore:

Superstore is a comedy show that stars America Ferrera as Amy, a woman who’s working at the Cloud 9 big box store in St. Louis. The show features some of America Ferrera’s real life friends and even her former Ugly Betty co-stars, like Mark McKinney and Lauren Ash. Superstore was created by Justin Spitzer (The Office), who also serves as an executive producer on the series along with Ruben Fleischer (Gangster Squad) and David Bernad (The Bernie Madoff Story).
The TV show Superstore is streaming on Hulu and NBC. It’s a comedy that follows the lives of employees at a big box retailer called Cloud 9, who are stuck in their dead-end jobs until they find out that the store may be closing down. The series stars America Ferrera as Amy, Ben Feldman as Jonah and Lauren Ash as Dina.
In the first season of the show, America Ferrera plays Amy, the sarcastic and lovable manager of Cloud 9. She’s joined by Ben Feldman as Jonah, her love interest and new manager at Cloud 9. As they adjust to their new jobs, viewers get to know some other employees working at this fictional big box store: Colton Dunn plays Garrett; Nichole Bloom plays Cheyenne; Lauren Ash stars as Dina; Mark McKinney joins the cast as Glenn (the store manager at Cloud 9 in St. Louis); Nico Santos is Mateo; Nichole Sullivan plays Holly; and Kaliko Kauahi plays Lina.

Main characters of Superstore

Amy, played by America Ferrera, is the glue that holds this group together. She’s a great friend to all of her coworkers and the voice of reason when it comes to making decisions. We see how much she cares about the employees she works with through her efforts to make sure they feel respected and valued in their roles at Cloud 9. As manager, Amy sets an example for everyone around her by showing them how hard work pays off in the end.
Ben Feldman plays Jonah, Amy’s love interest and new manager at Cloud 9. He is an actor who has a great sense of humor and can play the role of Jonah perfectly. If you watch Superstore, you will enjoy watching Ben Feldman on the show!
Mark McKinney is an actor and comedian best known for his work on the Kids in the Hall and The Office. He plays Glenn, a retail store manager at Cloud 9 who’s a bit over-the-top in his attempts to be a good Christian man.
Lauren Ash is a Canadian actress who has been acting since she was a child. She’s appeared in many TV shows and movies, including the 2014 film Dark Matter. She has also been nominated for a Gemini award for her acting skills.
As Dina, the no-nonsense assistant manager of Cloud 9, Lauren regularly steals scenes with her deadpan delivery and deadpan expressions (but not too much deadpan—she likes to smile).
Colton Dunn plays Garrett, a Cloud 9 employee who’s always playing pranks on his coworkers and trying to get them to laugh along with him. “He is the worst comedian ever,” Dunn said. “He does not know how to make people laugh.”
In real life, Dunn is an experienced actor and comedian who has appeared in everything from Arrested Development to Veep. He was so excited about playing Garrett that he offered himself up for an audition after seeing ads for Superstore come across his desk.
Cheyenne is a teen mom who wants to be more than her current life circumstances allow. She’s a single mom who lives with her parents, and works hard at Cloud 9 so she can make a better life for herself and her daughter.
Nico Santos is Filipino and plays Mateo, the gay Asian sales floor employee of Cloud 9 who is quite sharp and sassy with pretty much everyone he works with at the store. His twin brother Nick is also a comedian and actor. Nico has been in a few movies and TV shows, including Netflix’s Love, Hulu’s Runaways (as Lina’s older brother) and NBC’s Superstore where he plays Mateo.
He’s very funny and charismatic on screen so it makes sense that NBC would want him to be one of their stars on this show as well!

What is Superstore about?

Superstore is a show about working class Americans whose lives become intertwined through their jobs at a big box retailer called Cloud 9. The show is streaming on Hulu and NBC. America Ferrera plays the sarcastic but lovable Amy, who is the glue that holds this group together.
This comedy takes place in Stump County, Minnesota where we meet Glenn (Mark McKinney) and Dina (Lauren Ash), the two managers of Cloud 9 who are trying to keep their store running smoothly despite all sorts of unruly customers coming through its doors each day. Glenn loves talking about sports with his employees and both he and Dina have been known to take things from customers when they decide to leave without paying for them — although they never admit it!

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