Mass Effect 1 Knowledge Quiz

To celebrate the fact of a Mass Effect’s trilogy remaster we thought it is the best time to give you guys a series of quizzes about each game. To start things off, we preapred a 20 questions quiz about Mass Effect 1 (duh!). We mixed easier questions with really hard ones so you really have to know the game in order to be able to get the perfect score in our quiz. Try it, can you ace it? If you like this quiz, please consider sharing it on social media as it helps us a lot and allows us to give you new content about your favorite games, movies and TV shows. Comment on how well you did so others can compare their scores to yours and see who really is an expert when it comes to Mass Effect 1. Can you ace our Mass Effect 1 Knowledge Quiz? Try it and find out! Good luck and have fun. And if you want more quizzes about Mass Effect, stay tune as we will soon release quizzes about the second and the third game. Also, you can try our other ME quizzes that you can find on our website.

ABOUT Mass Effect Franchise:

Mass Effect is a third-person shooter, action role-playing video game series developed by BioWare and released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows, with the third installment also released on the Wii U. The fourth game was released on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March 2017. The original trilogy largely revolves around a soldier named Commander Shepard, whose mission is to save the galaxy from a race of powerful mechanical beings known as the Reapers and their agents, including the first game’s antagonist Saren Arterius. The first game, released in 2007, sees Shepard investigating Saren, whom Shepard slowly comes to understand is operating under the guidance of Sovereign, a Reaper left behind in the Milky Way 50,000 years before, when the Reapers exterminated all sentient organic life determined to have met or exceeded a threshold of technological advancement in the galaxy as part of a recurrent cycle of genocide for an unknown purpose. Sovereign’s purpose is to trigger the imminent return of the Reaper fleet hibernating in extra-galactic dark space, restarting the process of extermination. The second game takes place two years later, and sees Shepard battling the Collectors, an alien race abducting entire human colonies in a scheme to aid the Reapers’ return to the Milky Way. The final game of Shepard’s trilogy centres on the war being waged against the Reapers. The fourth installment takes place in the Andromeda Galaxy and features a new cast of characters.

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